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About Viva a Vida

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Viva a Vida works to empower at-risk adolescents, young people and children to make healthy choices and develop autonomy and control over their lives.  It focuses on educational, artistic, cultural and youth-led community mobilization activities for the prevention of drug abuse and to safeguard against drug related violence.


Viva a Vida’s current projects are:

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· Human Rights & Youth mini-courses focusing on social rights and responsibilities related to racism, violence, gender and social mobilization - for pupils in their 1st year of High School


· V2 theatre group – our award-winning theatre group which provides performing arts classes and social action workshops for young people who devise and stage performances in the community


· Vila Jovem Youth Group – arts and community mobilization activities, inspiring young people for peaceful community action


· Open Agenda Meetings – bringing professionals into the community to talk about topics of interest in an accessible way.

About Vila de Abrantes

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Approximately 1 in every 100 young people in Vila de Abrantes will be killed before their 19th birthday. These young people experience high levels of violence, police harassment, poor schooling and youth unemployment.  This community is largely ignored by the authorities, lacks effective leadership and constructive leisure opportunities. Young people living in Vila de Abrantes are therefore extremely vulnerable to a range of abuse, which may lead to high risk situations and dangerous behaviour. 


It is Viva a Vida’s belief that these young people deserve to be supported to fulfil their true potential and live a life free of violence and rights violations.

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Viva a Vida

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